Why you should submit your product to Buissy.com


Buissy.com is one of the most visited Business Software Directories, we believe this is very much thanks to the ease with which purchasers are able to search for and find the software that they are looking for. With more than 25000 monthly visitors, Buissy.com also enables software vendors to generate higher quality enquiries for their products.

Buissy.com provides easy search and sophisticated filtering possibilities and shows comprehensive information about each product. Business software purchasers are able to get further in their evaluation to create a short list of products before the final step of the actual purchase.

This makes advertising at Buissy.com more effective than at any other site available today. The better specified information on the product page enables the users to be more informed and better able to understand what benefits the specific product will give them. This will help us to ensure that only the really interested purchasers transfer to the vendor site and therefore minimize the cost for featured listings.

Since Buissy.com is available in several languages there are opportunities to focus the advertising to the language, and countries of interest. Users from a country will automatically see the site in their preferred language making it interesting to advertise in a specific language since not all users will be seeing the English version of the site.

Buissy.com is the place to find the most updated information about any products. Vendors are encouraged to constantly publish news about their products. All news items published are given a backlink added for the product further enhancing SEO for Vendors.

Advertising at Buissy.com

Buissy.com offers different options for higher visibility.

1. Advertising

Each of the categories, including the first page, gives the opportunity for 6 ads. They are shown in attractive spots and at a competitive price. The ads are fully administered by the software vendor and may be changed to other pictures and links during the advertisement period. The ad is automatically renewed monthly until cancelled. The ads are specific to the language to give a higher flexibility.

2. Featured listing

You may choose to be listed higher in the list of products by bidding on featured listing for a category or for the first page. The featured listing is language independent, meaning it will be valid for any language of the site.

Featured listings are controlled by a daily and monthly budget ensuring the cost to be according to the marketing budget of the software vendor. By default the budget is disabled meaning the software vendor needs to set a budget to have the featured listing shown.

Since Buissy.com provides a powerful product filter on the first page, the featured listing will be valid according to the filtered categories. The maximum bid for the categories chosen in the filter will be valid. For example, if the user filters on all products belonging to both the Project Management and Idea Management categories, the featured products for any of these categories will be shown first. The highest bid in any of the category (including the bid for the first page) will be valid.

The minimum bid for the first page is $2 and for any of the category pages $1. Since you only pay when the user continues on to the home page after finding your product and not by looking at your product information page, this is a great option for higher visibility.

The featured listing bid will also be valid for the search result, showing the featured products, in order of bid, on top of the search result.

Below the featured listed products are the latest updated products. Publishing news for the product is also considered as an update for the product and is a perfect way of receiving a high listing without added cost.

1. Membership

Products can show more or less information and also use more of the functionality at Buissy.com as specified in http://www.buissy.com/membership. The more information shown the more likely the products will be shortlisted by the business software purchasers.

Extensive product information

At Buissy.com Vendors are able to show extensive information about their product making it possible for purchasers to compare features and benefits as well as cost performance of the peer products in the marketplace and so make an informed decision that best suits their requirements.

Find a description of the possible information to add below.

For companies with several products, references to the other products are shown on the product information page as well:

Control Panel for vendors

As soon as you submit your product you become part of Buissy.com. The initial submission enables you to share information about your product; however once you have logged in you will discover that you can add substantially more information to demonstrate what makes your products stand out amongst their peers. All this comes completely free of any charges. When logged in you will also be able to create and post your own advertisements on Buissy.com Front page and Products sections. You may decide to bid to become the "featured listing" in your category, which puts your product at the top of the listings.

By using the control panel functions you have total control over how your account is managed in order to optimize your marketing and product placement. At Buissy.com we make it easy for our customers to control how they wish to see their products displayed, our ultimate goal is to help the purchasers of software to make informed decisions and select the best solutions for their needs.