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BPM / Workflow Management features
  • Asset Management
  • Automatic State Changes
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Business Process Simulation
  • Event Driven Notifications
  • Graphical Workflow
  • Resource Managment
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  • Mobile Support
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  • Single Sign-On
  • Web Services API
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BPM Software / Workflow Management Tools

BPM Software and Workflow Management Systems listed, supporting your Business Processes the best way, including automatic workflow, enabling you to have support for your internal business processes. A Business Process Management System (BPM Software) helps you to draw and structure your business processes. Workflow Management Tools is a part of the BPM Strategy and will help you in the automatic management of activities.

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what is culture
Salon Management Software
Salon Management Software
FCS Housekeeping Operations Management
Innomaint CMMS
GC HYIP Template
premium hyip template
BizPortals 365
Inteq's BPR360/Framework™
ReachOut Suite
Pure Automate
FlowForma BPM
Kapture CRM Software
Imagen Enterprise Video Platform
Enterprise Explorer
Atlas ERP
HR Management Software
Asset Management Software
RationalPlan Multi Project
ORBIT Analytics
Legal CRM
e-commerce CRM
Contract Insight Enterprise
Contract Insight Enterprise
Platform as a Service
Campus Management Software
Construction and Infrastructure ERP
Service and Distribution ERP
High Tech Electronics and Manufacturing
Orienge Conterra ECM
Conterra FIM
ClientRunner Software
Start Selling
TabWare - EAM CMMS Software
Affinity 360: CRM + ERP for SMBs
Alchemus Talent Management Solution
Comindware Tracker
Comindware Task Management Free Software
BP Logix Process Director / BPM
Clarizen project management software
Interfacing BPM Modeler
Enterprise Process Center
Eunomia Process Builder
Service Experience Management
Zoho Creator
docSTAR 3.12
Cordys Business Operations Platform
Approval Manager
WORKetc CRM + Projects

What are BPM Software and Workflow Management SW?

BPM Software (Business Process Management Software) is used to help, in a systematic way, improving the business processes in a company. The BPM Software helps you discover your business processes and then document and automate some of the business processes. The automation of business processes are usually a collaboration between the BPM Software and the Workflow Management Software.

By using BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) you are also able to create a visual design of the business processes in the BPM Software. Using BPMN do design your business processes creates a business process diagram (BPD), often possible to draw in the BPM Software.

Different stages that can be used in BPM Software are:

• Design
• Modelling
• Execution
• Monitoring
• Optimization

BPM Software can therefore also be used to help in measuring performance. By identifying processes to improve through the BPM Software, you are also able to use the BPM Software for optimization.

Workflow Management Software helps you to manage a series of tasks in the organisation to create one or more results. Since workflow management software help in automating different kinds of series of activities it is commonly mentioned together with BPM Software.

One common use for workflow management software is to follow a task and to make sure it is assigned to the right person. But workflow management software can be used in a lot of situations, helping out with different workflow that will be improved by automation. Tasks that are frequently happening and tasks that need to be followed up are examples of tasks which workflow might be influenced by workflow management software.

Features commonly available in workflow management software are:

• Automatic state changes
• Event driven notifications
• Graphical workflow

BPM Software is commonly also called Business Process Management Software, BPM Tools or BPM Software Suite.
Workflow Management Systems can sometimes be shortened Workflow Systems.

What Is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management, also often called BPM, is a systematic approach on how to improve the business processes in a company.
BPM helps a company to get a clear picture of how the company’s processes are today and how to improve them.

BPM is something that is continuous in the organization. By working with the business processes you improve them, test them in the organization and then improve them again. This not only makes the work in an organization more flexible, but also helps companies to become more capable of changes, something that is very important in today’s volatile economy.

When defining the processes in BPM there are a few questions that need to be asked:

* What is performed?
* How is it performed?
* Who is performing it (preferably a role, not a named person)
* In what order are the activities performed and how long time can each activity take?

To visualize this in a good way we have the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). BPMN provides graphical notation for specifying the business processes in something called a Business Process Diagram (BPD).

The main purpose of BPMN is to bridge the gap between the business side and the technical side, since a lot of the process models are used to have the technical side help automate processes. However, it is important to understand that the business process models are very powerful for part of the business even though you do not automate the process using technology. Just having the personnel being guided through a visual design of what should be done, in what order and by who in different processes is invaluable.

In BPM you work with different groups of activities.

* Design, where you identify the processes and define them using the questions above.
* Modeling, where you use the BPMN to create a graphical model of the process.
* Execution, where you work according to the defined model. This is often done with an application, or at least involving an application, to help since a lot of processes are automatic.
* Monitoring, where you monitor the result and the way the execution works.
* Optimization, where you take the information from previous steps and identify bottlenecks and potential possibilities for saving money.

Since BPM is continuous, the steps are repeated every now and then. The frequency depends on several things, for example what kind of process and what type of organization.

There are quite a few BPMS (Business Process Management Suite or System) available to support the business process management. These systems not only help you to define and model the processes, but also to automate and improve them.
The amount of functionality available in a Business Process Management System is varying quite a lot. Therefore it is important that you understand what you are looking for before purchasing a system.

Business Process Management is a great way to get control over your business and what is happening during the daily work. It is important to understand that all processes should be connected to the company’s purpose, goal and vision to be able to understand that they are really aligned with what the company is meant to do. During these kind of exercises it is not uncommon that smaller companies start thinking about the purpose, goal and vision of the company since they have not been defined clearly enough before.