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DeskCenter Management Suite

by DeskCenter USA Inc.
DeskCenter USA provides award winning IT, Lifecycle & Helpdesk Management software made affordable. All applications operate from a single database & central dashboard with remote capabilities. The New 9.4.1 version is Easier, Faster, Better, Affordable. Visit deskcenter.com for a free download.
Product description

DeskCenter USA is the home of award-winning IT Infrastructure & Help Desk Management Software Solutions

DeskCenter USA® releases the DeskCenter Management Suite Version 9.2 in July 2011
DeskCenter USA announces the release of 9.2 version, the award-winning IT Lifecycle Management Solution “DeskCenter Management Suite” which showcases a fully redesigned user interface delivered with an enhanced workflow and improved performance.
Businesses will notice that this integrated Help Desk application will substantially improve their service levels and support processes. Using the ability to see inventory of the desktop with a trouble ticket is a great benefit of the DeskCenter Management Suite.
DeskCenter USA software is developed for ease of access and use with no learning curve for the users. The affordable price is an additional benefit to the cutting edge solutions which saves time, provides software compliance, creates savings, reduces Co2 emissions, allows for time to work on more IT projects and much more.
Our solutions successfully accommodate our large enterprise clients, i.e. PriceWater House, Lufthansa, Honeywell, Porsche, VW, and Lotto. But it is specifically geared for the small and the medium size business - for their needs and budget in mind.
Our Power Management application, which is included in our base package, reduces Co2 Emissions and saves tens of thousands of dollars annually.
For additional information, contact us on 516 442-1509 or visit www.deskcenterusa.com.
DeskCenter USA Inc. is the Right software at the Right time with the Right price!

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 ITSM / Service Desk
 IT Management
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • License Management
  • Network Management
  • Performance Management
  • Remote Control
  • Security Management
  • Virtualization
 Help Desk
  • Workflow Management
 Business Management
  • Business Performance Management

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