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Zoho Reports

by Zoho Corporation
Product description

Zoho Reports is a powerful business intelligence and online reporting service with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can easily create powerful reports and share the reports in minutes with no help from IT.

Feature Highlights:

* Drag-and-Drop based Reporting: Use intuitive drag-and-drop based interface to easily create your powerful reports and dashboards in minutes.

* Upload / Synchronize any Data: Securely upload tabular data from Google Spreadsheets, CSV, XLS or HTML files and hosted / in-house business applications and databases.

* Embed Reports Anywhere: Embed your reports and dashboards across blogs, websites and applications.

* Easy Collaboration & Analysis with your Google Apps users: ?Develop your reports together with your colleagues. Share the reports with each other for informed business decision-making. You can also provide fine-grained permissions on shared reports.

* Wide-range of Reporting Components: ?Use a variety of pivot tables, charts and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.


* Highly Collaborative: Collaboration, sharing and publishing are inbuilt in Zoho Reports. No more emailing of reports as attachments is needed.

* Easy Set Up / Fast Implementation: Typical in-house BI (Business Intelligence) will take months to set up. With Zoho Reports, you can just sign in, import or push the data from multiple sources and then generate reports immediately.

* No Upfront Cost: Being a hosted Reporting & BI service, you only pay as you go (affordable monthly subscriptions). No high upfront costs like for example perpetual license fees, buying of separate hardware and software etc.

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