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Wed 17 Oct 2012
Affinity 360: CRM + ERP for SMBs: Email Automation and Campaigns
We've added new features for automating communications with leads, customers and partners. This update also included 'status triggers' for accounts and orders.
The update allows businesses to reach targeted groups whether they are leads, customers, teams, partners, etc.

Messages can be personalized using templates and currently we've included 4 scheduling options: one-time, weekly, monthly and age/status.

The 'status triggers' are very simple; when the status of an account or order is changed an email will be automatically sent to the customer.
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Mon 04 Jun 2012
Affinity 360: CRM + ERP for SMBs: One Click User Interface Update
We've just finished implementing an update for usability and navigation improvements based on feedback from our clients.
The changes make it easier to get to any section of Affinity with one click. Many tools that were nested in other sections have been made more visible.
By: Affinity Informatics
Mon 27 Jun 2011
WORKetc CRM + Projects: Anyone for a WORKetc mobile app?
Ok, well it isn't finished yet (not even at beta!) but I thought I'd share some screen grabs from both Android and iOS. We're making rapid progress.
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Wed 18 May 2011
Smartsheet: Smartsheet Adds New Enterprise Admin Features
Smartsheet, a top-ranked online project management app in the Google Application Marketplace, announces it will attend the Google I/O Developer Conference May 10-11 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The company will be demoing new enterprise administration functionality, along with major enhancements to its mobile and workflow offerings, in the Google Apps section of the Developer Sandbox at the conference.
By: Smartsheet
Tue 29 Mar 2011
Impel CRM: Super-fast data editing now in Impel CRM
In-place Edit now across the board in Impel.

Bangalore, India, February 25th, 2011 -- Bangalore-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM company, PK4 Software Technologies, today announced the release of a simple, fast and friendly method of
editing data in its flagship product, Impel CRM.

Impel CRM customers now have an even more effective way of looking at and editing their CRM data across accounts, contacts, opportunities and all the other major entities in the system.
By: PK4 Software Technologies Ltd
Impel CRM: Impel CRM recognized as the "Leading CRM Software" in India on INSOMO!
Impel CRM recognized as the "Leading CRM Software" in India on INSOMO! To read more on the CRM arena, please visit the link
By: PK4 Software Technologies Ltd